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One of the best ways to support our work is to Donate

CAN is a grassroots community initiative aiming to make a difference through education and support several antisemitism-specific projects. CAN collaborates with all the major professional organizations and other grassroots community initiatives in the spirit of civic engagement. 


CAN is a restricted fund under the auspices of the San Diego Jewish Community Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) entity, allowing for tax-deductible donations. 


To date, CAN has supported the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) symposium on antisemitism, assisted with financial resources to local grassroots organizations combating antisemitism, and provided armed guards to protect students attending the Beverly and Joseph Glickman Hillel Center at UC San Diego in La Jolla.

Need Help? 

Our donations are made through the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. In order to make sure you're donations are designated to the CAN organization, you must make sure the "Designation of Funds" field is set to CAN.

See image below:

image (19).png
To earmark your donation please see below
Screenshot 2024-02-29 110206.png

Be sure to specify the project or organization you wish to send your donation.

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